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Short Bus Icons

Just that "special"

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Yeah Okay, Short Bus icons. This is my icon journal (me being randomtology) since i make a lot of icons, and I really didn't feel like cluttering up my journal with icon posts (because I'm an anal retentive freak when it comes to my journal). I got the name from a very old joke when I had to ride the short bus for two months. Not the most Politically Correct of jokes, but if you are into those you need to look elsewhere

My icons range from video games that I like, to shows that I watch (running and ended ones), movies I love, and whatever the hell I feel like. For more in-depth details, consult my interest list!

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I always thought making a friends-only icon journal was just annoying, because come on, its not like I'm paying to have this journal. It should be open to the public. But I do have some rules about my icons

1. Please Comment when you are taking one of my iconsI don't care if its for one of the oldest posts I have. I still love to know when someone is taking one of my icons.
2. Don't hotlink dude, its not cool.Save it to your computer when you take my icon. Honestly, LJ lets you load them, photobucket could probably give you an account if you want to post them somewhere else. But I don't like the bandwidth taken up, so just be courteous about that please?
3. USE CREDIT WHEN YOU USE MY ICONS!! Credit is simple, just put either shortbusicons or randomtology into the keywords or comments on your userpics. If you don't and I find out? I will not be pleased.
4. Don't expect me to do requests for you unless its reasonable. I do requests for friends, I admit, but I can't do everyone's requests. If you want me to give you the base of an icon without the text, I can do that. If you want me to make a completely new icon with a completely different person than the one you are looking at. Outlook not so good for you. I'm a busy person, I don't have the time and/or the patience to do every request. Sorry, thats just how it is.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

My Resources can be found here note: its still under construction, if you see anything in my icons that came from you, please please tell me and I'll quickly update it!

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